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Recent Releases from HouseMaster

HouseMaster welcomes four new Canadian HouseMaster franchises while becoming the exclusive home inspection partner of Mortgage Alliance

Published Thu, 12 Dec 2013 13:41:19 EST Read More

(December 12, 2013, Toronto, ON) HouseMaster Canada is excited to announce that four new franchises have joined the HouseMaster family. HouseMaster, the oldest and most respected name in home and building inspections throughout North America, continues to expand across Canada. The four new locations are in Vancouver, BC, Eastern Ontario, Southwestern Ontario and Eastern New Brunswick. In parallel, HouseMaster Canada and Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada have launched a partnership, w...... Click here to read this release

HouseMaster ‘inspects’ Winnipeg for growth

Published Thu, 12 Sep 2013 10:12:08 EST Read More

(September 12, 2013, Etobicoke, ON) After a close inspection of the Winnipeg market, HouseMaster, the oldest and most respected name in home and building inspections throughout North America is poised to expand into the City. HouseMaster was founded in 1979 and currently encompasses over 370 local offices in the United States and 24 in Canada. Collectively, over 2 million inspections have been performed. The Winnipeg expansion will be undertaken by HouseMaster Canada (...... Click here to read this release

Recent severe weather in the GTA is a reminder that home inspections are not just for resale house purchases

Published Tue, 23 Jul 2013 10:15:01 EST Read More

(Toronto, July 23, 2013) Contrary to conventional wisdom, a home inspector’s services are not just for when you are choosing a resale home. While there is obvious value in using a home inspector prior to purchasing a resale home, home inspectors can help homeowners protect their investment during ownership. HouseMaster, the oldest home inspection firm in North America, recommends using the services of a home inspector to assess your home after you have or suspect that you have water ...... Click here to read this release