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Ontario, Canada

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Interview Opportunity - Ontario's new Long-term Energy Plan (LTEP)

Monday, December 2nd 2013 2:17:19pm

December 2, 2013

Who: Peter Love - President of Energy Services Association of Canada (ESAC) and formerly Ontario's first Chief Energy Conservation Officer.

Mr. Love is a leading advocate and opinion leader in the energy efficiency sector.  

What: Mr. Love can speak to the following topics related to Minister Chiarelli's announcement on Ontario's new Long-term Energy Plan:
  • Why energy conservation and efficiency is an important part of Ontarians energy mix.

  • How the over twenty five years of experience by ESAC members successfully deploying  guaranteed "Performance Based Solutions" (in the MUSH-Municipal, University, School and Hospital sectors) demonstrates the potential of "On Bill Financing" for consumers and small businesses.

  • Is today's announcement on the right or wrong track?

  • How "On Bill Financing" will help consumers.

  • Peter can also address the important but often unrecognized job creation benefits of investments in energy efficiency.

  • How Ontario's LTEP compares to initiatives in other jurisdictions.

  • Energy efficiency projects are labour intensive with most of the workers supplied by companies in the immediate vicinity of the project. It is estimated that the $450 million invested in "Performance Based Solutions" last year created more than 4,000 direct jobs and over 5,000 indirect jobs, according to industry estimates.

  • How the ESAC members Performance Based solutions save money and energy in the MUSH and Institutional sector.

To schedule interviews with Peter Love, please contact:
Don Huff
Environmental Communication Options

A copy of the ESAC LTEP submission can be supplied upon request. For further information on Performance Based Solutions and the Energy Services Association of Canada or to view the numerous Canada-wide case studies, please go to www.energyservicesassociation.ca.

The Energy Services Association of Canada (ESAC) was created to actively promote government policies and regulatory support for greater use of guaranteed performance based solutions to upgrade Canada’s aging infrastructure. The eight founding members of ESAC are Ainsworth, Ameresco, Direct Energy, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, MCW Custom Energy Solutions, Siemens and Trane. Together, these companies are responsible for more than 90% of the $450 million annual Performance Based Solutions business in Canada.