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HouseMaster ‘inspects’ Winnipeg for growth

Thursday, September 12th 2013 10:12:08am

(September 12, 2013,  Etobicoke, ON) After a close inspection of the Winnipeg market, HouseMaster, the oldest and most respected name in home and building inspections throughout North America is poised to expand into the City.

HouseMaster was founded in 1979 and currently encompasses over 370 local offices in the United States and 24 in Canada. Collectively, over 2 million inspections have been performed. The Winnipeg expansion will be undertaken by HouseMaster Canada (www.housemaster.ca) which is part of GreenSaver Energy Services Inc., a subsidiary of one of Canada's oldest residential energy efficiency independent not-for-profit organizations. No one is better prepared to deliver objective, expert home and building inspections and reports.

“There is a significant market share for new entries into the home inspections sector in the Winnipeg area,” stated Kimberly Fleming, Vice President, Franchise Operations of HouseMaster Canada. She went on to note, "A very high percentage of all Winnipeg home sales are resale homes and historically nearly 60 percent of all sales are to first time purchasers, which make them significantly more likely to be inspected.”

The Winnipeg real estate market has been healthy and slowly rising mortgage rates are expected to boost sales and increase demand for HouseMaster’s services. HouseMaster market analysis indicates that Winnipeg is a market ripe for more home inspectors. Ms. Fleming also observed, “Some of the local inspectors may be nervous about us coming in, but it’s about competition and survival of the fittest.” HouseMaster is currently discussing their expansion plans with an existing Winnipeg-based inspection firm and some individuals who would be new to the city.  

To augment the company’s growth in Winnipeg and Manitoba, HouseMaster Canada is considering single- and multi-unit franchisees, as well as existing independent home inspectors interested in developing a solid business in a growing industry with a proven leader.

“Having performed a total of more than two million inspections in Canada and the USA, we’ve long been the standard bearer for quality and integrity in both the home inspection and franchising industries,” Fleming added. “Our local expansion initiative in Winnipeg is designed to support our continued commitment to provide cautious consumers the confidence to make informed decisions about housing.”

For more information on franchise opportunities with HouseMaster, please visit www.housemaster.com, call (855) 526-3939 or email kimberly.fleming@housemaster.ca


For more information contact:
Kimberly Fleming
Vice President, Franchise Operations of HouseMaster Canada
kimberly.fleming@housemaster.ca, 416-203-2315 ext. 229

HouseMaster provides home buyers and sellers an independent, third-party, professional evaluation of the condition of the major elements of a home. The guaranteed inspections enable potential home buyers and sellers the opportunity to make educated real estate decisions and potentially negotiate repair needs. From interior systems such as plumbing and electrical to exterior components like the roof and siding, the HouseMaster home inspection includes the evaluation of all visible and accessible elements of the home.

HouseMaster was founded in 1979 and has 24 franchise territories across Canada and over 370 franchises across North America. GreenSaver holds the master franchise rights for HouseMaster Canada.  GreenSaver has more than 20 years of leadership in non-profit energy efficiency. The services provided by GreenSaver and HouseMaster include home inspection, energy audits, commercial inspections and a range of ancillary services like wet certification, infrared, mold, etc. HouseMaster trains, certifies and annually retrains all franchisees and their employees to provide consistent, quality service.