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BOMA Canada compares skylines of three Canadian cities - photos from ten years ago and today

Wednesday, March 25th 2009 9:10:21am

Winnipeg, Halifax & Montreal
Media Opportunity with Visuals
Earth Hour (March 28th) related

Lights burning into the night in high-rise office towers annoy many people - but why are the lights on and what efforts to reduce energy use are being made in these structures?

BOMA Canada has collected three pairs of photographs of Canadian cities (Halifax, Montreal and Winnipeg) showing easily comparable views of the night skyline roughly ten years ago and today.    

Despite the seemingly similar levels of illumination in each image, the photos are deceiving. The story the pictures don't tell is that the average BOMA certified building in consumes roughly 11 per cent less energy than it did a decade ago.

Some BOMA buildings have adopted energy management strategies and building retrofits to reduce their energy use by as much as 30%.

Nada Sutic, Manager of Environmental Initiatives for BOMA (Building Owners and Mangers Association) Canada can explain what efforts have been made to reduce energy use in this building type. She is also able to provide details on the BOMA BESt certification program ( and what buildings are enrolled in the program by City.

To view the images or interview Ms Sutic, please contact Tina Siegel at:

Environmental Communication Options 416-972-7404 or

The high quality colour images are made available for you use at no charge.  A photo credit is expected.

The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Canada is the voice of the Canadian commercial real estate industry with over 2,500 members in regional associations across Canada. On behalf of the building owners, managers, developers, facilities managers, asset managers, leasing agents, brokers, and the product and service providers to over 1.9 billion square feet of commercial real estate in Canada, BOMA Canada addresses issues of national concern, and promotes excellence in the industry through information, education advocacy and recognition.