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Ontario Municipal Water Association announces recipient of the 2008 OMWA Student Bursary

Wednesday, April 9th 2008 3:45:09pm

Ontario Municipal Water Association announces recipient of the 2008 OMWA Student Bursary

BELLEVILLE, April 9, 2008 - Today, the Ontario Municipal Water Association (OMWA) announced the very first recipient of its OMWA Student Bursary. Congratulations Kimberley Orr!

Kimberley, of Parry Sound, is a chemical engineering student specializing in laboratory process and control at Cambrian College in Sudbury. “Kim has shown herself to be an environmentally conscientious student during her two years here. She is focused upon trying to use her education towards the improvement of areas such as water quality,” explained Michael Hastie, Kim’s academic program coordinator at Cambrian College.

In addition to being a great student, she is active in her community- as a mentor to high school students interested in chemical engineering, and as a volunteer for the Moon River Walleye Association in its walleye restocking program on Moon River and Georgian Bay.

“Kim loves fishing and the outdoors, my only concern about Kim's help is the way she looks at some of those delicious looking walleye”, said Bill McRobb, President of the Moon River Walleye Association, based in Mactier, Ontario.

Kimberley’s enthusiasm for water was evident in her bursary application. In it, she said she had been inspired by her studies in chemical engineering, growing up near Georgian Bay, and understanding the importance of safe water. “Water treatment is essential to our being and must be protected by any means possible,” said Kimberley Orr.

Diane Gagner, OMWA’s president, was pleased with the quality of the application, and delighted with the final decision on this year’s first recipient. “OMWA is dedicated to promoting a future in the water supply sector as a great career for young people. Each year, our OMWA bursary program will help college students and encourage them to pursue a career supplying safe drinking water to our communities,” said Diane Gagner. “It is encouraging to meet young, enthusiastic students like Kimberley. I hope our bursary will encourage her and others to take up a career in water supply.”

This is the first year of the OMWA Student Bursary Program. It will be expanded in its next round to four bursaries of $500.00 each, selected on a geographic basis, in North Eastern, North Western, South-Western and Eastern Ontario. Students who are Ontario residents and are enrolled in an Ontario Community College program that could lead to a career in the water supply sector are eligible for the bursary. Bursary applicants are evaluated based on their academic record, their community and voluntary activities, and their own interest and enthusiasm.

For more information about OMWA’s Bursary Program go  to or contact Doug Parker, Executive Director, OMWA at 613-966-1100.